Maid cleaning service in german switzerland:

Welcome to ASTRA Homeservice GmbH - Maid Service german switzerland's professional home cleaning Service.

ASTRA Homeservice GmbH - total home care is a maid service company that understands how hard it can be to find a maid service to clean your home - especially if you're searching on the internet.

Our services include a free in-home estimate consisting of everything on your list, and more.

From top to bottom; to thorough kitchen and bath cleaning, to wiping base board, washing loads of laundry, ironing, organizing clutters, emptying  and cleaning waste baskets – ASTRA Homeservice GmbH - home service professionals can do it all.

We design household cleaning services around you.

We are flexible to fit your needs and your budget.

We would like to make this experience as easy as possible.

We specialize in weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning but we can also perform occasional or one-time services.

There are many reasons a family requires or simply desires to have house or office cleaning maid services performed. Some people may not have the extra time to keep their home or office as clean as they could or would have if they did have time.

If you’ve decided that you want reliable cleaning services then our ASTRA Homeservice GmbH - Maid Service Home & Office Cleaning Service is right for you.

We make sure all aspects of your house cleaning needs are considered.

We take extra care in finding out exactly what cleaning services need to be performed and we always perform our services to your standards.

All ASTRA Homeservice GmbH - Maid Service cleaners are employees. We cover worker's comp. insurance, Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes, unemployment insurance and all work is insured for Personal Liability and Property Damage.

We are a bonded company and references are available upon request.

For a free estimate please call: